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Comedian Kevin Hart says he’s now on a wheelchair after attempting to do “something for the youth” – challenging his friend and former NFL player, Steven Ridley, to a race.

In an Instagram video posted on Wednesday, Hart said, “I’ve become the dumbest person alive.”

“Ladies and gentlemen, 40 is real,” he said. “All my 40 and up crew, 40 and up ladies – it ain’t a game, respect that age… or that age will put you in a position to have to respect it.”

“Kevin Hart and Steven got into a little debate. This debate was based off who’s faster,” Hart, 44, said when he remembered how two guys decided to race the 40-yard dash.

But according to Kevin Hart, his situation worsened after challenging the 34-year-old former New England Patriots player. He mentioned breaking muscles in his lower abdomen and groin while racing him, saying, “I don’t know what it was, but I tore it. I tore that thing. I tore it as well,” he said. “I can’t move.”

“Famous personalities, including Jamie Foxx, showed support through comments, while his wife later joked on Instagram: ‘I believe you’ll listen to me next time!”
Riddle responded with a lighthearted video on Instagram, saying, ‘It’s not really my fault… I was just trying to give you a warning, and I didn’t want to do that.’

On Thursday, in another video posted, Kevin Hart mentioned that it would take him about six to eight weeks to recover.

Despite Hart’s playful comments about his age, research consistently finds that feeling younger is often associated with better health. Many athletes continue to compete well into their 80s.

Runner’s World humorously stated, ‘We wish Hart a speedy recovery, but respectfully disagree with the claim that he’s the ‘dumbest man alive’ trying to reach top speed at 40 years old. He probably just didn’t warm up properly.’ The website noted that Hart might still have a struggle ahead to beat Riddle, whose high school personal bests were 11.25 seconds in the 100 meters and 23.42 seconds in the 200 meters, but at least he ‘didn’t leave the track in a wheelchair.’

Kevin Hart has turned the tables on friends and athletes who questioned his fitness. In an Instagram video, he said, ‘Size doesn’t matter when you’re nursing injuries. When was the last time you ran a full-out sprint? I’m talking about a tough run where you have to give it everything you’ve got.'”

In 2019, Hart was involved in a car accident, and the following year, in an interview, he mentioned that doctors had told him if he hadn’t been in such good physical shape, he might have suffered a stroke.”


Kevin Hart’s comedy series “Die Hard” was recently renewed for a third season in Roku, following a record-breaking premiere of Season 2. He also recently completed shooting for the action-comedy “Lift,” directed by F. Gary Gray, which is set to premiere on Netflix on January 12, 2024. Notably, Hart will be seen alongside Kate Blanchett in “Borderlands” and will also feature in the upcoming film adaptation of Eli Roth’s highly acclaimed video game series.

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