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Saltburn: One of the most talked-about films of the year has found its way onto the streaming service just a month after its release. Starting Friday (December 22), Prime Video subscribers can catch the Golden Globe-nominated film Saltburn, the latest release from director Emerald Fennell.

Saltburn unfolds on the lavish estate of Felix Catton, played by Jacob Elordi of Euphoria fame, who invites his Oxford University student companion Oliver Quick (Barry Keoghan) to stay with him for the summer.

During their time together, Oliver becomes fascinated with Felix’s lifestyle, and according to reviews, what unfolds next is a must-watch to see what believing in someone can lead to.

While Saltburn received praise upon its release, it also garnered mixed reviews elsewhere, with audiences questioning the depiction of class in the film through some startling scenes.

However, unanimous agreement was reached on the commendable performances, particularly that of Keoghan and Rosamund Pike in a supporting role, earning both nominations at the Golden Globes at the beginning of this month.

Fennell herself described Saltburn as an “overly British tale,” and the film certainly pushes the boundaries in certain scenes. These scenes were highlighted in reviews, and Eric Anderson, founder of AwardsWatch, said of Keoghan’s performance, “Complete submission… sheer bravery.”

Meanwhile, Scott Menzel of We Live Entertainment called the film “the most bat***t crazy film you’ll watch all year” and Keoghan’s performance “one of the boldest and ambitious.”

Josh from The Sunbreak said, “With its sharp satire, Saltburn, directed by Emerald Fennell, gives the entire bizarre Barry Keoghan a full movie to wave his freak flag.”

Next Big Picture’s Matt Neglia praised Keoghan’s “fearless” performance, stating that the film will leave you “sick and stunned.”

Saltburn is available for streaming on Prime Video, offering audiences a chance to experience the bold and audacious portrayal by Barry Keoghan and immerse themselves in Emerald Fennell’s unique storytelling.

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